Friday, January 15, 2016

This little light of mine....

Well I'm sad to report that the Grimes Rotating Beacon, high atop the tail, that has watched over the little Cherokee's flights since 1972 has finally passed on to the great beyond.

We have repaired and cleaned the old beacon several times but finally it reached a point where it was no longer repairable.  Time for an upgrade!

We have replaced the old mechanical beacon with a new self contained halogen light.  This new unit (with adapter plate) mounted directly into the spot of the old beacon and required no re-wire or changing out of the electronics.

Also, being that we no longer have to drive a mechanical motor AND a lamp the power draw on the battery is now less, which is always a bonus.

They do make more energy efficient strobe or LED systems that I could have installed but (for now) they were cost prohibitive, so I opted to go for the basic halogen lamp system. 

Still an upgrade over the original system.

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  1. I have a 1967 Pa28-140 that I’m looking to replace the rotating beacon on. Do you have a part number for this flashing beacon? Also, did you need any special adapter to mount it in the factory location?