Thursday, September 24, 2020

Some Late Evening Flying

For the first time since my training and for the first time ever in the Cherokee, I was able to sneak down to the airport at dusk and get in some late evening / night flying.  It was a beautiful calm and clear night, perfect flying weather.


Monday, September 21, 2020

The coolest picture

 So was just taking a friend to pick up his plane after it's annual and on the way back we flew some formation and he captured the coolest picture I have ever had taken of the plane.  

This is just the most awesome picture, turn to final on Rwy6

And here are a few more shots from that flight.

Local Sighseeing

Beautiful clear day to fly over the lake, you could see for miles and smooth as silk.


Just checking out the clouds

 Sometimes you just gotta get up in the air and play around the clouds.  I'm not a religious person but there is something special (almost spiritual) that happens when you are up flying around clouds and such and you realize that no other human past/present/future will ever see the exact same sight that you are seeing.

It's almost like the entire universe is putting on a show just for you to enjoy, and for those few moments you feel like you can do anything.

Finally some new headsets

 Well I finally broke down and bought my first ever pair of brand new headsets.  I picked up a set of ANR headsets from Gulf Coast Avionics and I cannot begin to stress to you how much of a game changer this is.

I no longer get fatigued after flying and my head doesn't feel like it's in a vice.  I should have done this 5 years ago.

Beautiful Cross Country

 What a beautiful day for the LKR crew to fly out.

Did a great 5 ship flight over to CDH and up to PYG and back for fun and fellowship.  Was a beautiful day and everyone did great!