Thursday, April 27, 2017

iFly ADSB Upgrade

Weather has been terrible the last few days so I haven't had a chance to try out the newest toy.

My aging iPad Mini no longer runs Foreflight reliably and instead of spending the money on a new iPad that is ONLY used for Foreflight I decided to upgrade my iFly 740 unit to my primary nav unit. 

To do this I needed to yoke mount it for easy reach so I headed out to the iFly website to see if they had an adapter for the RAM mount I currently have.

I was in luck, they do sell a RAM mount adapter, which I ordered however while on the site I noticed that they had a new product a PING buddy ADSB receiver that plugs into the USB slot on the iFly.  I decided to give it a try and put one on order.

I received the unit after a few days and it's already made a world of different in the iFly unit, even from my living room!

I am now able to get full traffic and weather on the iFly unit without having to lug around a stratux or stratus unit that's powered externally.

In addition I decided to fire up the old 3d printer to print out a camera mount that mounts to the tie down ring.

Here is the finished product....

Hopefully the weather will improve this weekend and I'll be able to try the new camera mount out.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Quick zip around town

Clouds were rolling in but they were still high enough for a quick run around town.  Got to put another 45 minutes in the air!

Longest Solo Flight

Hey guys,

So headed down to the airport Saturday to take her around the pattern.  It was such a beautiful day and she was running so well I decided to head out of the pattern.

I headed just a a few miles south around PYG and back up to Monroe, admiring the green countryside.

All in all it was a very smooth and short flight but we were able to put another hour in the air.

This trip was important because this is the longest I've flown the plane solo since we started flying it.