Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Tires and Pants On

With Tinker Belle supervising the work, the little Cherokee got her a set of 3 brand new 600-6 GoodYear Tires.  We were waiting on new tires before we put the wheel pants back on, this should add about 100 knots to the cruise speed :)

It does feel good to finally get to see the plane "whole" again.

Unfortunately, we were unable to take her on a flight due to very gusty winds and low ceilings.  But hopefully soon we will get to take her for another spin.


  1. looking better with the pants,, didnt know you needed tyres too..

    new total is 3329.45 + 787 + 70..

    really do wonder what the MX bill is looking like?

  2. Is that a C-46 in the background?

    1. Yes that is ourTinker Belle the last flying 46 in the lower 48 states