Wednesday, May 20, 2015

What's behind panel #1

So quick update today....we are starting to get ready for the annual and part of that is taking off and inspecting behind all the inspection panels.  I removed all the panels under the wings and using my phone took a few pictures inside the wing.  

Here is what the panel looks like under the wing...held on with a couple screws. 

First up is the left wing! 

And here is the right wing!

Everyone is pleased with the condition of the interior of the wing.  It also means that when we apply the corrosion x coating it will forever protect the wings.  

I also oiled and lubed all the cables and hinges on all the flaps and stabaliator.  She's all moving a lot better now and is smooth as silk.  

Hopefully we can get to the struts sometime this week.  That's a big job! 

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  1. Just finished the struts on my Warrior. Messy but other than that not bad. I'd suggest, while you have the gear off, that you inspect the brake calipers closely and consider replacing the o-ring on the puck. Where mine, like yours, sat for a long period of time I found both calipers leaking. 2 brand new o-rings( .50 cents each from Aircraft Spruce) some elbow grease and a good amount of brake cleaner to get the grime off and they work like new.