Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Black Gold, Texas Tea

Another great night of work on the little Cherokee, we got several things done or looked at tonight.
First we started out running the engine for about 10 minutes to bring her up in temperature.  This was to heat up the oil and prepare it for an oil change.

We did a full oil change and filter change and filled her back up with a fresh 7 quarts of oil.

The biggest surprise of the night came when we cut the filter open, to everyones surprise we found no metal or junk or crud in the filter.  After 10 years this is a huge surprise to everyone.  There is also a tube secondary filter on the engine.  That filter was also clear of crud as well.

Then we put her on jacks to work on the struts, for the first time in 10 years she is off the ground!  We got that nose wheel pant off finally and removed the front wheel and cleaned out the bearings.  I also re-greased the bearings and she spins much smoother now.

We were able to put fluid back in the nose strut and she was able to stay up when we put it back on the ground.  We did not have time to service the 2 main struts because we just ran out of time (and pizza)

After we pulled her out of the hangar we did a run up with the fresh oil to check for leaks.  When no leaks were found we put the cowling back on and we then taxied back to her parking spot.  

We had a great time and got several things done...all in all it was a great time and we are one step closer to getting her back in the air.

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