Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Offical AOPA Digital Article and Video

The digital edition of the Sept Issue of AOPA Flight is out now and has a link to the video piece that was done back in June.

Read the full article here and watch the video segment at the end.



  1. Jus read the article and watched the video on AOPA's web site. I have a 1972 140E also that I am about to do some updates to. I am in Knoxville TN.

  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZrRgmVSXwv4nXp-3g5qosupqcyj9RvZA7w/view?usp=sharing

  3. That's cool i like that dark blue color.

  4. Its black just faded, we are about to paint it. When your ready to get yours painted contact me (greglumpylambert@gmail.com) my airplane mechanic has a landing strip on his farm and can strip the old pain off pretty reasonably. After its is striped you can spray it outdoors and get decent results (like painting a hot rod in your back yard), it wont be a professional aircraft paint job but much better than it is now.

    A real airplane paint job done professionally cost more than these old birds are worth. I own a car lot that specializes in rebuilt vehicles so I have access to some good automotive body men. Spraying a car and a plane are pretty much the same, its the prep that is different. A plane needs to be striped chemically or gently with hand sanding, an air sander can damage the rivets.

    Greg Lambert

    PS: You got a great deal I bought mine for $12500 out of annual and past TBO (TBO BTW is an estimate mine is at 2300 hrs and compression is still strong) and I thought I got a good deal.