Tuesday, August 16, 2016

25 hour oil change

Finally hit that magic 25 hour goal that we had set and it was time to change the oil.  

Again as before i was relieved to find that we had no trash in the oil filter.  This time however I opted to send the oil off for analysis.  Should have the results back in a few weeks.  

No Glitter! 


  1. How many hours on the engine and how many hours total on the airframe?

  2. Approx 1200 on engine and around 5000 on airframe.

  3. I just finished reading your entire blog and watching the APOA Live video for a second time - Congratulations! I have had a lot of great aviation memories after getting my Private Certificate at 17 in 1966, adding ratings and presently still teaching as a part-time CFI - but one experience I don't have is being an airplane owner - again Congratulations - Larry Lehman - Exeter, NH