Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Small update...

Even with the preparations for the airshow well underway I was able to sneak in some time on Saturday to finish up a few minor things.

We were able to get the newly energized ELT reinstalled in the plane...and we were able to put in the last replacement piece of air tubing under the cowling.

That's pretty much all the repairs that needed to be done...I have informed the senior AP on field that I am now ready to get "on the schedule" for final inspection and sign off.

I don't anticipate anything will happen this week or next week due to the insanity that comes with putting on an airshow.  But hopefully by mid Nov I will have more updates and possibly a date for the test flight.

1 comment:

  1. Thats awesome.

    I've been out of flying for 6+ years. I am supposed to begin working with an instructor to get checked back out in the next week or two I hope.

    Next year I plan on doing a search for an "abandoned plane" at any of the many local airports around me.

    I have very much enjoyed following your blog and reddit posts.