Sunday, November 15, 2015

Small update and more crazy pictures

So just a quick update on the Cherokee.  Now that airshow season is behind us and the shop seems to be settling in for the rest of the year I spoke again to the Senior AP and he asked that that I 'run the mess' out of the plane this weekend doing as many run ups to full power (no more than 2-3 minutes) at a time and running it up and down the runway.

If everything checked out then he would try and take a look at it Monday/Tuesday and get me all signed off. 

We went out yesterday and ran it really good, her pedal brakes are a little softer than I would like but the parking brake is strong.  That tells me I have probably got some air in the pedal cylinders so I'll need to bleed those brakes one more time to see if I can get it all buttoned up.

Other than that she ran strong and well. 

As most of you guys know we had an airshow on field last weekend and word quickly spread through the performers about the little cherokee.  As a result she had quite a weekend where as a majority of the performers at one point or another wanted to go over and take a look at it.  The rain caused the main show to get shortened and caused us to have long stretches of downtime, the Professional Photographer asked if I would like to have some fun and take some pictures with my plane.  Of course I said "SURE!"  when else am I going to be able to get fancy pictures made.

I must say they turned out pretty hilarious just the absurdity of taking pictures like they do with warbirds made the cold and wet of the weekend worth it.

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  1. You rock! These are great and more power to you! Turn the dog into the princess!