Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Back from OSH

Back from my first trip to Oshkosh, wow what an experience.  Spent just 4 days there and there is no way you would have time to see everything. 

Can't wait to go back next year.


  1. Did you happen to hear about any other old forgotten aircraft sitting around somewhere? How about a $2000 Cirrus? haha (Seriously though.. how can the average Joe find a forgotten plane?)

  2. I have a 140 as well. Just put a new engine in it with the 160HP ram STC. We have the struts off and rebuilding them. Your story is similiar to mine. Bought an airplane that had been setting for a long time. After the restoration my A#P said the engine might go for 200 hours. I made it to 180 hours. It peuked on take off. Got it down with no damage. The mechanic knew something about the Lycomings that I didn't. The cam is located near the top of the engine. After long periods without use the cam goes dry and any moisture in the cranckase goes right to the dry cam. The result... rust and cam failure. FYI you and your little stay safe. If it starts running rough have it looked at. newbluecrowns@aol.com