Friday, June 3, 2016

iFly 740

It's pretty evident that most of the avionics in the plane are pretty dated.  A few months back I was able to pick up a gently used iFly 700 unit for the plane.  While having an iPad is great, I still wanted something that was geared specifically for aviation without fear of an arbitrary update rendering the app useless.

While an older unit the iFly 700 worked great and I was able to use it on a few flights, as seen in a few of my videos.  Well, fortunately the guys over at Adventure Pilot also follow the blog and sent me a note asking if I would like to upgrade my 700 to a brand new 740 unit!

Well the new 740 arrived today and what a difference!  The WIFI updating is very nice and it will even connect to the stratux ADS-B unit.  I like the idea of the backup battery being able to power the unit in the event the plane power goes out, and I'm really stoked for the ability to have an "augmented" instrument panel which can serve as backup to my steam gauges.

I cannot wait to try this new unit out!

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