Sunday, April 17, 2016

First Fly-In!

Ok guys, here is a monster update for today. I got to take the Cherokee out on her first fly-in today to the Rock Hill Airport (KUZA) for the South Carolina Breakfast Club. A co-worker of mine came along with me over to Rock Hill and to experience his first SC Breakfast Club!

The weather was severe clear today and I knew that the crowd would be large so I decided to depart no later than 7:30am to beat the rush. It was a very short 19 minute flight over to Rock Hill clipping along at a crisp 110mph smooth as glass.

We were the first one to arrive at the fly-in but that lasted no time as before we had even taxied to parking people started arriving.

I lost count with how many airplanes ended up showing up but I took an absolute TON of pictures.
The plane did great and we had a great time!

Video from today:

Here is a huge picture album from today over 144 pictures...

1 comment:

  1. Wow Joseph!!!
    Your plane is looking Really nice!! With her wheel pants on,
    the sunrise out front,,, Away from home,,, at a meet!!! Wow!!!
    You done us all proud.