Thursday, December 3, 2015

First Flight Schedule

We are going to attempt first flight this weekend Dec 5th at/around 4PM at KEQY.  If you would like to come out please let me know by posting below.

The weather is forecasted to be extreme VFR this weekend so it's shaping up to be the perfect calm weekend to test fly the plane.


  1. Following your blog since the first reddit post. Love your enthusiasm, keep up the good work! Greetings from Austria, have a wonderful flight in your plane!

    Regards, Ulrich

  2. total through the turn and bank is 3004.45$, +787+70
    we need to find out the totals from your MX bills too.
    put on the wheel pants too!
    this has been an incredible story to follow.

  3. Been following you along for a while now.... As a fellow PA-28-140 GA pilot, I am super proud of you for restoring this old gal and flying her as she stands. How amazing!