Sunday, October 18, 2015

Finally getting those wing tips

After months of talking about it we finally put our heads down and started removing the wing tips. 

We were able to easily still out all of the screws on the right wing tip (26 in total) we removed the tip itself without any issue and replaced all of the nut plates.  We also took the time to clean out any debris that had accumulated inside the wings (fortunatly there was just some dirt) and inspect the wings again for corrosion.  Which none was found.

Now at least the right wing has shiny new screws and washers....we are going to try and finish up the left wing sometime this week before the cold sets in.

After next weekend ts going to be several weeks before we get to work on the plane again as we focus all our attention on planning for our airshow in November.  

On another note the plane did great during a quick run up and taxi. She's still showing strong engine power and all her mag checks and carb heat checks are in the green.  

The struts are still holding just fine and the brakes are strong.  

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