Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Piper 1973 Sales Flyer

One of the cool things I received with my log books with the sales flyer that Piper used in 1963 for the Cherokee.  Some have asked to see the flyer so I took some pictures and thought I would post them here.


  1. Two of those Cherokees are still flying:

    N1873T is listed as 'Destroyed' in 1992. I couldn't find an NTSB report to go with it, so no idea what happened.

  2. Yes N4373T is still flying and is in Wisconsin right know preparing for the 6th annual arrival to Oshkosh with the Cherokees To Oshkosh group.
    This plane was an experimental plane built in 1972 (serial number E13 for experimental number 13) that spent its first 500 hours at Piper while being certified airworthy by the FAA when Piper stretched the fuselage for more rear seat room, extended wings, add air conditioning and larger stabilator. Log book have sign offs from Piper Vero Beach during its first 7 month stay st Piper. Have owned since 2007 and father had purchased plane in 2002. Wonderful flying plane and am sure since was built for FAA certification was built just a little better than most that would have come off production line.

  3. I flew N1873T during my student pilot days in 1975/1976. It was a flight school plane at the U of M (Univ of Minnesota) Flight Facilities at KANE. It was the only Cherokee on the line with Air Conditioning. I thought that was real cool when I was 15. If you have the plane, I hope you put her back in the air.